Diamonds made easy

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Diamonds Made Easy

So what makes Diamonds so special other than their captivating allure and promise of enduring love?

The one thing that stands out for me is that they are very OLD , beyond Ancient Old some natural diamonds are thought to be over 3 billion years old and the youngest being around a billion years, now owning something that old is worth it.

Choosing diamonds for yourself or for the one you love is a very personal process, purchasing the best quality and colour you can afford is a step in the right direction.


So how to choose a diamond

There are several factors that will help with your decision making. Most Jewellers will tell you about the 3 C's  cut, colour and clarity, these are important factors when choosing a high quality diamond, I have found that most high quality diamonds have great cut, Colour and Clarity because the better stones are given to the better cutters to craft.


If finances are not an issue and you like to buy expensive things we have some lovely items for you to choose from. We offer VS clarity and G colour diamonds in most of our diamond jewellery though it is normally only available when you choose 18ct for your metal selection. The VS G level of Diamond are recognised world-wide for its status a as being a truly beautiful stone. If however, budget is more of a real issue follow this rule.


Firstly - DON'T PAY TO MUCH this does not mean buy low quality it means, don’t pay more that you should. Now without experience how are you meant to know when you are paying too much, I hope this helps.


Choose colour over diamond grade


The diamond clarity / grade scale is a great tool  for jewellers, but most people don’t go around with a 10x magnification eye loop to search the diamonds for inclusions, furthermore most of your friends won’t get closer that 10cm away from your ring to  see any inclusions so why pay a premium for something no one will notice.


"Something to think on"


They are all lovely, over a billion years old and every one of them needs an owner.

Choose a Diamond with H to K colour.

 As long as the colour is good visually the diamond will look great to the eye



For this reason our grade of SI3 JK is  a good value choice for the jewellery pieces with smaller stones, 20pt or less, the colour is slightly tinted and the clarity of SI3 provides excellent value. Some Jewellers do not like this grade as it can have an unclear distinction on the larger sized diamonds, if you have concerns choose the next level up. All of our Diamonds are priced extremely well.



Our PQ1 H is a perfect next step for your mid-sized diamonds 50pt and below the H colour provides a great expensive looking stone while the PQ1 clarity offers value for money.


This is a lovely gem and is worthy companion to any main stream jewellery pieces. Again the H colour provides a clean expensive luster and the SI clarity gives it the brilliance that everyone expects from a diamond, this gem is a great choice in any size.



A truly beautiful Gem while not rare like FL, IF and VVS grade with a D, E or F colour. A VS G diamond will give you the dazzle and shear brilliance that only VS G or better grade diamonds offers. If you are looking for a gem to impress this will do it.

This guide is not your standard guide, it is our guide but then again we are not your standard online jewellery store. Compare our diamonds, our quality and our prices you will be impressed.



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