Puzzle Ring 3TJ1251L

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This stylish 4 Band Puzzle Ring makes a fantastic gents ring for every day wear, its chunky unique puzzle pattern is a must have for anyone who love's the old world charm

The 4 band Turkish puzzle ring represents the binding together of a couple, through the twisting journey of love, life, and passion. It would make a perfect wedding ring, made in Australia. This 4 band ring is a little wider at 9mm wide so it is a great choice for both the ladies and the men.

Made from 2 Yellow, 1 White and 1 Rose solid gold bands manufactured in Australia, if you enjoy a quality ring with a twist, this is the one for you.

If you would like a single tone or a larger sized ring than what our drop down offers we can have one made up to Z + 9 message us for a price.

9 mm wide and 1.6mm thick

This Australian made ring is priced extremely well compare our prices

Please let us know if you have an urgent requirement date as rings generally take 4 weeks to make

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